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Welcome to - Online Shops for Units, Sports Teams, and Organizations.

We do it all - so you don't have to.

At Soldier Stores, we set up a personalized, dedicated online store just for you and your unit, FRG, or other organization. We got the idea from setting up these types of stores for schools and sports teams. It's simple:

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We're Perfect For:

Unit events - FRG Events - Fundraisers - Personnel Rotations - Reenlistment Incentives - PT Gear

It Saves You Time

  • We take the orders
  • We collect the money
  • We distribute the orders
  • We can help you promote

It's Easy For Your Members

  • Payment Options Include Multiple major credit cards, paypal
  • Online access means no geographical hurdles
  • Ship to APO, residential addresses, or have your staff pick up and distribute the orders

We're Flexible - Use It!

  • Upcharge items as a fundraiser
  • Scalable to fit any size unit or event
  • Tons of items are available

How It All Works

Setup is Easy:

First our experienced and knowledgeable staff will sit down with you and figure out what your timeframe, scale, artwork, and items are going to be. Once the artwork and pricing is nailed down, our technical staff puts together an independent webstore – just for you. You’ll get your own web address as well as flyers and other marketing materials to help promote your store.

It’s Easy for your Members

Your FRG and Unit members will love our system. They can go online, order the stuff they want, pay how they want, and have their order shipped to wherever they want. Deployed?

Delivery and Completion

When the store closes, we process all the orders in batch. We order the products and produce the artwork in our in-house screenprinting and embroidery facility. Then we ship them out to the customers. You never have to do anything. This part usually takes 2 weeks.